The Dos and Donts of Marketing Through a Facebook Messenger ChatBot

Tips for Marketing with a Facebook Messenger ChatBot: What to Do and What Not to Do

When utilizing a Facebook Messenger chatbot to communicate with members of your target audience, please follow the etiquette guidelines outlined below.

As we previously stated, you must always adhere to Facebook’s terms of service in order to use the social networking site. If you play the game with reckless abandon, don’t be surprised if Facebook decides to block you or disables your account entirely.

That’s an awful piece of news. And, unfortunately, it occurs on a regular basis.

If you are serious about using Facebook to generate real business leads, you must adhere to the platform’s policies. All of Facebook’s etiquette standards are derived from the company’s terms of service.

Messenger Bot Etiquette:

Be Professional at All Times

You cannot presume that your visitors have the ability to read their minds. You must make the assumption that they have little understanding about your company, and your messaging must gently walk them through the vast array of information possibilities that your bot makes available to them to ensure that they do not become frustrated.

You can’t just assume that they understand what your company is all about and that they are familiar with your entire spectrum of services and items as you sit around waiting for cues that take them to a specific page.

Unfortunately, the problem with that technique is that only a small percentage of your actual Messenger bot users would actually receive the message that would be of the most benefit to them. As a substitute, your Messenger bot would send out a series of generic messages one after the other. This is a tragedy. Seriously. Specifically due to the assumption that people who find themselves in your Messenger bot conversation system are looking for something specific, you’re squandering an enormous lot of potential business opportunity.

The majority of consumers are unsure of what they are looking for. Even if they happen to stumble into your website and even if they are generally interested in what you have to offer, you must guide them through the process.

This is neither a headache nor a burden in any way. Rather of dismissing it, you should take a closer look at it. A rare and wonderful chance has presented itself.

When someone is unsure of what they require, they are extremely susceptible to suggestion and persuasion. This means that you can arrange the conversation in such a manner that they are more likely to purchase something that they would not typically purchase or that they are more likely to purchase more of something that they are already planning to purchase.

Do you see what I’m getting at? It’s a window of opportunity.

Please don’t consider this to be simply a customer service headache, for which you will provide them with only the essential necessities. Instead, design a logic tree for your chatbot that is rather open-ended, so that your consumers can activate pre-written messages in a variety of different ways.

How to Stay Away from Spammers

It’s critical that you adhere to Facebook’s terms of service. One of the most important rules is that whenever a consumer contacts you through your Facebook Messenger chatbot, you have the option of sending them an automatic response. You can also send a follow-up message after 24 hours.

This is something you must keep in mind at all times. You are not permitted to break this rule. You will not be able to get away with anything.

It’s critical to make certain that whatever message you convey is directly tied to your company’s operations. This is critically crucial. It can’t possibly be spam that is unrelated. It can’t appear to be totally personal because you only get one chance to make a good first impression, and you don’t want to blow it.

To your prospect, it may appear that you are wasting his or her time when you send off-topic messages. Keep it succinct and laser-focused on the specifics of the business at hand.

Also, whatever message you give out must be of benefit to the individual who is enquiring about it in some way. This is quite important.

They are experiencing difficulties. They have requirements. You are well aware of this. It’s for this reason that they’re interacting with your bot in the first place.

Get to the point as quickly as possible. What do you think is the most effective solution you can offer to the table? It should be well described so that they can quickly and readily understand its significance.

The response can be a simple link to your main website, or it can be something more in-depth like “these are the holidays that we are closed on” or “this is our protocol for obtaining any sort of special deal.” Whatever the situation may be, make certain that whatever you say to your prospects is beneficial to them.

Always Let the Customer Lead

Most individuals are fiercely self-sufficient. As a result, it is critical that they take the initiative and initiate the dialogue.

We all know that the primary reason they arrived to your Facebook Page in the first place is because you urged them to action, but that doesn’t mean you can slap them across the face with it.

Make it appear as if they are in control of the conversation at all times. Never take the initiative. Always make sure to follow up. In other words, make it appear as though they were the ones who came up with the arrangement or engagement.