How to Qualify Facebook Messenger Traffic for Your Business

Facebook Messenger Traffic: How to Qualify

What Is the Best Way to Qualify Traffic?

Here are the dos and don’ts of qualifying traffic in order to ensure that the people that engage with your Facebook Messenger chatbot are the correct folks.

Let us share with you a great marketing secret about Facebook: volume is completely worthless.

Yes, I realize that sounds ridiculous to a lot of people, but a lot of marketers look at large traffic numbers with the idea of filtering them in mind. They believe that as long as they can convert one out of every hundred people, they will be able to funnel millions of people via a sales funnel, resulting in a massive increase in their profits.

Because you face the risk of badly and irrevocably harming your reputation if you employ a Facebook Messenger conversation bot, you cannot adopt a high-volume mentality when using the chatbot. Please don’t do that. Refrain from succumbing to the temptation.

What you need to do is as follows:

1. Target Only Niche-Specific Pages

When it comes to marketing brands on Facebook, finding niche-related sites is the name of the game.

The more active you are in the comments sections of those pages, the more visible your brand gets because the people who visit those pages are already engaged in the same area as you are.

As long as you’re not spamming those pages, your comments can serve as excellent marketing possibilities for your company. Your comments, which are linked to your Facebook Page profile, have the potential to drive traffic away from other websites.

Due to the fact that you’re only advertising on pages that are precisely linked to your subject, this is an excellent method of qualifying traffic. This implies that only individuals who are genuinely interested in your topic will see your link to your Facebook Page and ultimately end up on your Facebook page.

 2. Target Only Niche-Specific Groups

Another strategy to generate traffic from Facebook is to participate in groups that debate issues and brands that are relevant to your industry.

In this case, group marketing is a little difficult because you are unable to promote your Facebook Page. When you make a post in a group, you must use your personal account to post. As a result, you must tread carefully and maintain a high level of diplomacy.
The most effective method of attracting visitors from niche-specific groups is to encourage people to share your Facebook Page content. It is for this reason that niche specificity is essential.

Users who believe you are only trying to spam and that your page has absolutely nothing to do with the needs of the individuals in the group will have your account suspended or terminated from the group. Then, before you realize it, your page may be restricted or perhaps deleted entirely.

Nonetheless, when you solely target niche-specific groups, you’re essentially connecting with people who have self-segregated themselves based on their interests and preferences.

3. Use Your Page to Call Visitors to Action

Once someone finds their way to your Facebook Page, you have a perfect opportunity to engage with them. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

Perhaps they discovered you through an advertisement, perhaps they discovered you through a post you posted in a group, or perhaps they discovered you through a comment on another page. Regardless of how they came upon you, you must motivate them to take action.

Now, here’s the inside scoop. You must motivate people to take action based on their requirements. You can’t just say, “Click on this link to get a hold of me,” and expect people to listen. It is possible for any random bum to get a hold of you, and that customer may not be the best fit for you.

You must employ emotional triggers that are tailored to the requirements of your prospect. Example: If I provide agricultural support services on my Facebook Page, an effective call to action may be a pinnable post that says, “If you want to learn more, go here.” “We provide a wide range of organic farming solutions for small organic producers. Whether you’re seeking for higher yields or local community sales resources, we’d love to hear from you. Just click here to start a conversation. We have the necessary resources to assist you.”

Isn’t that what we were going for? We paid particular attention to their requirements.

These are individuals that are looking for properties to rent or sell. These are people who are asking for suggestions on how to increase the productivity of their organic farm.

This isn’t a blanket statement, and I’m not making the assumption that they have the ability to read my thoughts. That’s not something I’m going to do. Instead, I was quite precise about the issues that they were having with it.

This necessitates a high level of understanding of your average customer’s demographic profile. What exactly are their issues? What exactly are they having trouble with? What is it about their company that they find frustrating?

And your call to action must speak directly to those individuals in order to drive as much qualified traffic as possible to your Facebook Messenger chatbot.

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Do Drive Traffic to Pages Using Your Chatbot Link.

If you have websites, drive relevant traffic to them.

Ordinarily, your content will filter individuals to click on your Facebook Messenger link. The bot will handle the rest. We’ll explain the various shapes this takes in a later chapter. It’s crucial to use your website to promote your chatbot.

Do Increase Your Brand’s Visibility and Make Your ChatBot Link Easy to Find

The more you interact with people on social media and on a variety of various communications platforms, the more people will recognize your skill, credibility, and authority as they learn about you. In other words, people will get the opportunity to witness your brand in action.

Keep in mind that when you are truly offering relevant information with individuals, your brand’s reputation will improve. You distinguish yourself from the rest of the pack. You are not just another individual who is broadcasting generic facts that everyone already knows, as many others are.

To the contrary, you are getting straight to the heart of their difficulties and resolving issues on an individual basis.

This means that you must always have a way of directing users to some kind of landing page that contains a link to your chatbot. This is critically crucial. Why? Because if your overall communications strategy online does not include some form of payload or call to action, you will not be as noticeable to your target audience.

It’s possible that people will think you’re a genius or that they will agree that you are an expert, but there is no way for your company to gain from this because you are not drawing them to your Facebook Page. You’re not directing them to your website with this sentence. You are not engaging in any of these activities. You aren’t even attracting anyone’s interest with your profile.

Whatever you do, make sure to draw attention to yourself in such a way that an interested person ends up on a page that contains a link to your chatbot. That’s the payload you’re looking at. That is the entire point of you going out there and listening to all of these talks and then offering your two cents on the subject.