How Can Facebook Messenger Bots Grow Your Audience?

Grow Your Audience using Facebook Messenger Bots

Remember that the Facebook Messenger ChatBot is not a spam bot, as many people believe.

This is something we cannot express enough. Marketing automation is becoming increasingly popular, and it’s tempting to believe that simply because Facebook has opened its Messenger platform to automation, marketers can go wild with it.

No. If you lose your mind, Facebook will not only block you but will also terminate your account. And, to add insult to injury, you have been barred from entering the country.

That is considered spamming on Facebook. Using page spammers, group spammers, comment spammers, or messenger chatbot spammers is not a winning technique, regardless of whether you are targeting Facebook pages or groups.

If you want to actually generate money on Facebook, you must do so in a legal and ethical fashion. To do so, you must first establish a brand and then conduct yourself with the utmost level of professionalism and ethics possible. In other words, treat Facebook as if it were a legitimate business that needed to advertise.

For the time being, We just want to get that out of the way because it’s extremely easy for a lot of marketers to believe that Facebook Messenger automation is some sort of backdoor or shortcut to receiving a significant quantity of traffic from Facebook.

While Facebook can provide a significant amount of traffic, deploying bots ethically will allow you to develop a long-term business that will last.

This is not some type of one-time, big-time bot technology. It is a long-term strategy. Get the thought out of your head as soon as possible. A lot of the time, less really is more.

In fact, when compared to a spamming tactic, you may receive a lower volume of traffic while employing the techniques that I’m going to share with you below. However, if you are wanting to establish a long-term business, this is the route to take.

What’s the sense of attracting millions of visitors if only a small percentage of them ultimately converts?

The worst part is that you only get one shot at driving through that jam. Then, after Google has banned those accounts, you may purchase new accounts and begin the process all over again. And so it goes on and on and on.

That is not a business model that can be sustained. That is not the way to establish a long-lasting internet brand that will survive the test of time.

We’ve got something much better in store for you today. Please continue reading.

Bot-Based Traffic Recruitment, Comment, and Profile-Based Messenger Marketing

The most effective strategy to use Facebook Messenger bots to build your audience is to start with the existing presence you already have on the social media platform. This means that people will have to come to you.

The Facebook Messenger bot is not going to be the tool that will bring people from other parts of Facebook to your specific page, as was previously stated. That is not the way things work. At the very least, the responsible use of the Facebook Messenger bot does not operate in this manner.

Instead, Facebook Messenger conversation bots are intended to automate the engagement that has already occurred on your Facebook Page as a result of your Facebook marketing efforts. To put it another way, it is an inbound tool. No, it is not an outbound spam software that you can use to drive traffic to your website from other locations on the internet.

Many people believe that because it is inbound, it automatically cripples or severely reduces the capability of Facebook Messenger bots. However, this is not the case. Actually, it doesn’t work that way. As a result, it enhances the possibility that your visitor will have a positive impression of your company.

When someone leaves a comment on your Facebook Page, the most common scenario in which you can employ Facebook Messenger bots is when you respond to them. You have a large number of postings on your website, and someone who visits your website makes a comment.

Most of the time, this comment will just sit there until you have the time and chance to view and respond to it. Normally, business owners would answer with a different point of view.

Using Facebook Messenger bot automation, the moment someone comments on a post on your page, Facebook Messenger automatically opens and sends them a response. The social networking site then permits you to send another message within 24 hours.

In this case, you will have the opportunity to send out an initial response and then follow up. If the prospect is pleased with your response, he or she can then submit another enquiry, and the process will begin all over again with the next response.

Having a back and forth conversation with your prospect can result in many wonderful things. For you, it could be an excellent opportunity to share even more relevant content with your prospect. Moreover, it may result in the individual receiving the type of responses that they require.

A lot of the time, they ask pretty simple queries like “What are your business hours?” I was wondering if you had any of these items in stock? If you do not have a tracking code, please let me know. This sort of thing. “Can you tell me where my order is at?” When it comes to customer service, this saves you a significant amount of time and money.

This page-based automation has the potential to result in actual revenue. When someone leaves a comment on one of your product listings on your website, you can answer with the product selections that are currently available. They can then choose a product and complete the transaction directly in Messenger.

This is a great opportunity because mobile devices, such as mobile phones and tablets, are used by more than half (and are closing in on 80 percent) of all internet users to interact with the internet today. Customers using laptops and desktop computers are becoming increasingly common, and your company cannot afford to assume that this will continue.

Everything takes place in a mobile environment thanks to the use of Facebook Messenger to initiate, process, and complete the transaction. This has the potential to significantly increase your sales volume.

How can Facebook Messenger Bots Grow Your Audience? - LetsChat PH Blog _ Chatbot Development Agency Philippines

Facebook Messenger Bots can help you qualify prospects who come to your page through your Facebook page.

We wish we could tell you that the vast majority of people who find themselves on your Facebook Page are actually interested in purchasing something from you.

If you have been involved in any form of online marketing and are familiar with Facebook, you are aware that this is not the case. You are well aware that this is a fantasy.

In general, the vast majority of visitors who visit your page appear to be perplexed in some way. He or she isn’t really clear about what they’re seeking for or how much money they require. Their list of queries is lengthy. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. There is some sort of filtration procedure taking place.

Perhaps ten individuals out of a hundred will wind up purchasing. That being said, there are ten sales that you would not have been able to make if you had not put in place this sales screening procedure. If a prospect is the appropriate type of person with the right need at the right moment, you can clinch the deal directly through their Facebook Messenger bot.

In other words, you provide them with the information they seek at precisely the time when they are most interested in purchasing the service or product you are promoting. Make use of it as a “information delivery” platform for the call to action in your comment. Leave a remark on blogs that use Facebook’s comment plug-in and you may be able to earn money from your comments!

We realize that to a lot of people, this is completely absurd. After all, you’re only making a passing observation. You’re only expressing your viewpoint. You can, however, remark as if it were your page. And if people believe that what you have to say is credible and adds value to the discourse, you will have a favorable impact on the way your company is perceived.

They can tell that you are credible because of your appearance. They can tell that you know what you’re talking about when it comes to your particular niche. This increases the likelihood that they will click on your profile and wind up on our Facebook page. Once they have arrived at your Facebook page, they will be able to communicate with you via the chat widget or icon.

To help accelerate this process, you should include high-quality material in all of your comments on posts that are closely linked to your specialty and that make use of the Facebook comment plug-in.

The call to action that you include in your remarks is quite important. You’re simply telling the individual who found your answer trustworthy to go to your Facebook page and see what you’re all about.

Alternatively, if you’re feeling particularly aggressive, tell them, “More information can be found by visiting my page profile. You can also contact me by clicking on the chat box on the right-hand side.”

Even if it appears to be a stretch, posting high-quality material does have a positive effect on search engine rankings. If your material establishes you as some sort of expert or reputable authority in your field of expertise, people will be more likely to take advantage of your offering.

Understanding that genuine specialists are few and far between is essential. A lot of the time, folks who leave comments on blog postings leave irrelevant and off-base comments that are simply not relevant.

People would at the very least be interested in your Facebook page if it is immediately evident that you know what you’re talking about. In order for them to engage with you on an automated basis, they must first visit your page and click the Messenger icon that appears on it.

Is there anything you can do if people respond favorably to your call to action? As previously stated, you can continue to provide them with additional content. You may also use them to qualify for a sale from them if you want to.

There are a variety of approaches you can take. It’s critical that they contact out to you first, before proceeding.

This is an inbound message. This is not a case of you spamming and enticing others into a conversation. They must take the initial step, after which you will send them an automatic response.

Once they have done so, they can make certain selections that will cause specific pre-written responses from your bot, which can either result in sales or lead to the prospect seeing further information that will later qualify them for conversion.

What is the best place to post your comments together with your call to action?

Using the Facebook Comments plug-in, which we discussed above, you may do this on blog entries that contain Facebook comments. In addition, you can utilize this on Facebook Pages. You have the ability to publish as your page account on the Facebook pages of other businesses.

Additionally, you can do this in your own Facebook Groups. On the content posts of your Facebook Group, you may include a link to your chatbot that directs people to your chatbot.