Facebook Messenger Chatbot – Why Marketers Need It

Why Marketers Need Facebook Messenger Chatbot

No doubt about it, when Facebook announced the launch of its Facebook Messenger architecture, the marketing world went insane. Previously, if someone attempted to contact you through your Facebook page, you were required to be physically there in order to avoid having your company’s reputation ruined as a result of the interaction.

To put it mildly, the functionality of Facebook chat and the logistics that supported it were a true “touch and go” affair at the time. A new era of artificial intelligence-aided customer service and marketing began in 2015 with Facebook’s decision to open up its system and allow for Messenger automation. The decision marked the beginning of an entirely new era in the brave new world of artificial intelligence-assisted customer service and marketing. This action paved the way for chatbot automation. It is undeniably a fashion trend whose time has come to pass. 

Say goodbye to clumsy artificial intelligence.

Say goodbye to poor customer interaction that undermines your brand.

Hello to Facebook Messenger Marketing!

Customers will no longer be required to wait. Their queries about your business can be answered in the same way that they get their pizza: as quickly as possible after they submit their request. It’s no surprise that people are enthusiastic about Facebook Messenger chatbots automation!

You must realize that we live in a world that is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You have no way of knowing where your customers are going to come from in the future. It is possible that your consumer is traveling and calling you from a different time zone even though you have a local customer base. In the event that your clients are unable to contact with you or acquire information at the exact moment they are most interested in your service or product, what should you do?

It’s no surprise that a large number of otherwise reliable brands were forced to make a difficult decision. If they wanted to improve the responsiveness of their brand, they needed to either hire individuals for contact centers or hire dedicated staff members on a long-term basis. It was also an option for them to simply state a specific time when they would be available as an alternative.

If you’ve ever had to deal with customer service, you’re probably aware that this isn’t adequate. There’s nothing worse than wasting valuable time attempting to reach out to someone only to discover too late that the folks you’re attempting to reach out to are unavailable. If you were aware of the competition they were up against, you would almost certainly be more receptive to their offers. A substantial number of business were placed at a considerable competitive disadvantage as a result of this Facebook chat ban, according to the company.

Chatbots can be set up with the new and improved Facebook Messenger, which is available now. You can respond to your customers on a 24/7 basis with the help of sophisticated pieces of software like this. When they get in touch with you, you can respond with an automated response that includes certain trigger words that they will recognize.

As soon as they type in those trigger words, you will be able to send them a follow-up message that is specifically tailored to their question.

This saves you a significant amount of time and money, and it also provides you with a means of communicating with them without jeopardizing their trust in your company or brand.

No matter whether they are promoting an established business, a struggling online business, or a startup, marketers cannot afford to ignore or overlook the benefits of using Facebook Messenger bot for customer service and marketing purposes.

It’s possible, in fact, that your Messenger chatbot interactions will turn into sales opportunities if you play your cards right. If you are still perplexed as to why Chatbots Facebook Messenger automation through bots is such a game changer, here are five reasons:

1. Automate your interactions with prospects.

Facebook Messenger Chatbot - Why Marketers Need It - AUTOMATE YOUR PROSPECT INTERACTIONS - LetsChat PH Blog

If you are increasing brand visibility through Facebook comments on posts that uses the Facebook comment plug-in or you are active on niche-related pages or groups, you can direct this traffic to your Facebook Messenger chatbot by using the Facebook comment plug-in. Whatever you do online, it all comes down to you engineering, or folding in, an understandably compelling call to action into all of your messaging activities.

It may appear to be a passive position. However, even if it appears that you aren’t dropping any links, if you know what you’re doing and you are establishing a tremendous amount of credibility & authority in your brand, people will be eager to find out more about you. Enhance the effectiveness of this process by making it extremely simple for customers to find your Facebook Messenger link and contact your company.

Using different logic trees, you can filter them through different messages once their Facebook Messenger app has been launched and they have responded to your initial message. This allows you to deliver the message that they are looking for at the precise moment that they are most likely to take action on it.

2. Make use of the customer chat plug-in on your website to establish a direct one-to-one connection with your visitors.

Facebook Messenger Chatbot - Why Marketers Need It - USE THE CUSTOMER CHAT PLUG-IN ON YOUR WEBSITE FOR A DIRECT 1-TO-1 CONNECTION - LetsChat PH Blog

Let’s face it: we’re in a bind.

You can always direct your customers to your knowledge base if they need help. The problem is that it is very dull, or lifeless, and mechanical in appearance. Like you’re telling them to get the hell out of here. When it comes to sales and marketing, as you are most likely aware, this isn’t a good idea.

You want people to have the impression that your brand is still alive. You want people to believe that your company is genuinely concerned about their requirements. A one-to-one human interaction centered on their problems is what you’re looking for, right? Unfortunately, if you simply direct all inquiries to your knowledge base, your general blog link, or a contact page that states that you are unavailable at specific times, it is very difficult to get your point across effectively.

You abandon your prospective customers in the lurch. The moment you inform them that your company is open 24/7 and that they can engage in automated chat interaction by clicking on this link, people begin to think positively about your company. If you communicate, and interact loud & clear that you genuinely care on their concerns, you will be perceived as more human.

When it comes to gaining a competitive advantage, this method is extremely effective. Please be aware that your customers are likely directing prospects to simply read a knowledge base or a blog post, which puts them at a competitive disadvantage while also making your brand looks great.

3. Paid advertisements can include your direct messenger link, which will result in instant, automated Messenger chat sessions.


One of the most effective methods of acquiring new customers on Facebook is to link your paid Facebook ad to your automated Messenger chat session, which is described below. This means that when people respond to your advertisement, they are most likely asking a very specific set of questions.

After that, you create a large number of different responses to answer that relatively a limited number of questions. Then you are marketing as if you are shooting fish in a barrel; you already know exactly what is going to happen. It’s not as if those who click on that link will have a broad range of questions to ask about anything.

Your chances of achieving a positive outcome from a chat session are increased if you keep focused, narrow and frame the subsequent discussion in a specific manner, as described above. You could try to persuade people to get or download a white paper. You might succeed in convincing people to subscribe to your mailing list. Perhaps you can persuade them to convert on a low-priced order page that they can afford.

As far as Facebook Messenger chatbot programming is concerned, whatever your short-term objectives are, you have the ability to set the terms of engagement., as well as the direction of the commercial conversation, by simply showing the appropriate ad and tying it to the appropriate logic tree.

4. Promote your chatbot’s direct address on your Facebook page and throughout your entire online presence.


What do I mean when I say you have a complete presence on Facebook? Whether you believe it or not, anything you do on Facebook counts as marketing in some way. Seriously, even if you’re on a Facebook page and you’re leaving a comment, you’re engaging in marketing activity. When people respond to you and you engage in a discussion with them, you have created a marketing opportunity for yourselves.

Marketers are at the center of everything, and believe it or not, they have an impact on the image of your company. It is detrimental to your brand if you will tell people to leave, if you are unresponsive, if you are rude or disrespectful in any way to other people. Therefore, it is a good idea to associate any brand presence you have on your Social media such as Facebook with a link to your chatbot link at all times.

It shouldn’t take more than a few clicks to get to the link to your chatbot. You should encourage people to take action whenever you can, whether you’re commenting or interacting on blog posts that use the Facebook comments plug-in, commenting in specific or particular areas on Facebook pages, or engaging with people in groups. By repeatedly stating, “If you want to get in touch with me, please visit my profile,” you are encouraging people to take action.

Once they’ve clicked on your profile, your messenger bot link should be prominently displayed, or at the very least should be easily visible to the user. Once you have persuaded people to click or visit that link, you will be able to engage with them on an individual basis. At the very least, this is the impression that they have.

This brings your company’s brand to life. You aren’t just another option on the list of available options. You’re not just another face in the crowd, believe it or not. But instead of doing that, you’ve set in motion a series of responsive engagements designed to make them feel important. They get the impression that they are important to you because of your chatbot.

They may or may not make a purchase as a result of that engagement, but that is beside the point. In the event that your brand helps someone feel wonderful, and their experiences with other companies are outdated and all too mechanical, who do you believe they’ll turn to the following time they’re in need of making themselves feel good? You think they’ll try to refer their friends and family members to this person, don’t you?

It’s a no-brainer, really. So do yourself a favor and make your automated Facebook chatbot the focal point of your entire brand presence on Facebook.

5. Make use of your chat bot address in all of your marketing campaigns that are not on Facebook.


Make it simple for people to find your Facebook Messenger chatbot address, whether you’re marketing through forms, sending out guest posts, sending out press releases, or engaging in any other form of alternative content marketing and outreach.

People are concerned about a wide range of issues. They can see your brand in a variety of locations on the internet, just as they can find you. It is necessary to have some sort of centralized contact point or centralized reception point for your company’s brand. This is where the address of your chatbot comes into play. Remember that, as the old saying goes, “all roads lead to Rome,” and keep this in mind when planning your non-Facebook marketing efforts.

Everything must lead to the address of your Facebook Messenger chatbot. Perhaps they came across a particularly interesting article of yours on a news site or from a forum. Perhaps your response on a message board was particularly well received. Perhaps you are answering a large number of questions on Quora, and someone has a follow-up question for you. Perhaps they were impressed by your social media post and believe that you bring a great deal of value to the team.

Whatever the specifics of the situation, you can always turn it into a golden marketing opportunity by turning it from a simple request for additional information into one. This should be your frame of mind, because the more people who see your chatbot address, the more opportunities you will provide for your brand to shine.

The best part about it all is that you have complete control over the conversation. You should not be distracted by the fact that all communication is inbound and initiated by the customer. Instead, focus on the fact that whenever a customer contact is made, you can redirect the conversation. You have the ability to set the tone of the conversation. This has the potential to open the door to more business opportunities in the long run..

If you are still thinking whether or not to automate your Facebook Messenger chatbot, keep the reasons listed above in mind. A large number of marketers are intimidated by new technology. There are many people who are unable to think of anything when they hear the word “bot.” It’s not nearly as frightening as you might think. In fact, this is the way things will be in the future.

Rather than risk being left behind by your competitors, jump on board with artificial intelligence right away. Please keep in mind that, as of this writing, there are more than 100,000 chatbots in existence, with the number increasing on a daily basis. Fortunately, the number of Facebook Messenger chatbots is still relatively low. It’s still a bit of a novelty. It should come as no surprise that their response rate is somewhere in the neighborhood of 80%.

Consider the magnitude of this figure: it dwarfs the effectiveness of email marketing. To learn more about how you can use Facebook Messenger chatbots to engage with your customers on a one-to-one basis, click here and visit www.letschat.ph