Create a Sales Funnel Using Facebook Messenger Bots

Make use of Facebook Messenger bots to make your sales funnel process more efficient.

Everything you do online, no matter how insignificant, must ultimately lead to your brand. This is something you’re probably already aware of. This is something that everybody who has done any type of online marketing is aware of and should be implementing. Otherwise, they’re squandering their time, effort, and energy on pointless activities. Believe when we say that it is quite easy to waste a lot of time on the internet. It’s as though you’re juggling a slew of different tasks. Every day, week after week, month after month, it’s as if you’re putting in eight hours of steady effort on a consistent basis.

Despite all of your apparent activity and busy-ness, it turns out that you’re actually accomplishing very little of anything in your life. If you’re not doing anything to differentiate your brand from the competition, it’s as if you’re simply replying to people’s questions.

You must realize that the Internet is a highly competitive environment. We assure you that it is a cutthroat business environment out there with no shortage of businesses and professionals wanting to steal your lunch money. This is something you must take seriously.

Unfortunately, a large number of marketers appear to be chasing their own tails at the moment. As a result, they become trapped in a rut, and whatever messaging they do manage to get out is repeated and essentially beats dead animals. They keep repeating the same thing over and over, and they make a lot of noise, but it’s all a waste of time in the long run.

Make a great favor for yourself. You should pay attention if you’re aiming to integrate your total internet presence so that each and every piece of messaging you send out has the greatest possible impact. The most effective method for accomplishing this is through the usage of Facebook Messenger bots. Everything you say should be framed as a call to action that encourages visitors to visit your profile.

You will be able to deliver your payload once you have attracted attention to your profile. What is the nature of your payload? It used to be the URL for your website, after all. We advise you switch things up a bit. We recommend that when you call people to action, such as asking them to check out your profile or visit your website, you direct their attention to your messenger bot link.

Get them to click on the link so that the chatbot can take over, and you can then direct the conversation in the direction you want it to go. Depending on their interests, you can direct them to different portions of the all-too-familiar KLT sales funnel conversion process. Depending on the keyword query of your prospect, your bot can serve up information that familiarizes the prospect with a class of solutions, encourages them to like a class of solutions, or pushes the exact solution you’re marketing to the prospect.

In other words, regardless matter where your prospect is in the conversion process, your bot may serve up material that will encourage them to continue until they have complete faith in your brand and product. Consider how quickly and effectively you can establish trust and reputation on the internet. This is something you can do at any time of day or night! And, perhaps most importantly, it will not cost you an arm and a leg.

That is how you go about playing the game. You can use this method to automate customer support questions and convert them into possible sales opportunities.