10 Reason Why You Should Use Facebook Messenger Bot Marketing

10 reasons to utilize Facebook Messenger chatbot marketing

Still not convinced that you should purchase a Facebook Messenger bot or subscribe to a platform in order to take use of this technology? Here are ten compelling reasons why you should do so.

1. You have the ability to qualify your traffic.

When people ask questions, you may utilize the answers to these questions to filter people based on their likelihood of purchasing a product or service. At the same time, you may be more targeted in your messaging on Facebook since you are aware that you are ultimately attempting to direct them to your Facebook Messenger chatbot.

2: You can choose from a variety of Facebook sub-features to subscribe to.

You may rapidly subscribe folks from a variety of various locations on Facebook by simply calling them to action to check out your profile. You can also subscribe to folks from a variety of sources other than Facebook.

How? For starters, you may drive them directly to your company’s Facebook Messenger URL, and once they arrive on the Facebook Messenger page, your chatbot takes over and automates the interaction process.

3: You may combine Facebook Messenger marketing with the traditional internet sales funnel to increase sales.

Because you already know that your prospects will contact you, you can set up several conditions for your Facebook chatbot to respond to their inquiries. If a prospect uses certain phrases, the bot will send out a customized message to that individual. You can then chart all of this and improve it until it results in more conversions or a significantly happy client base.

4: Facebook Messenger conversation bots are low-cost and easily automated.

The best part about employing a chatbot is that you don’t have to hire someone in America, India, or the Philippines to do the work for you. All of this is handled automatically by the software. Essentially, it serves as a disk for air intake. They would then receive more specific communications based on their reactions to the initial ones. Your customer service and sales support expenditures will be significantly reduced as a result of this. Furthermore, unlike human individuals who become ill, fatigued, or desirous of forming a relationship, software operates around the clock, without complaint. What this boils down to is that you can set up an automated conversion system and earn money while you sleep.

5: It is less spammy than other types of communication.

This is one of my favorite justifications for being truthful. The Facebook Messenger app is on its way. When you send out a bot and it snags someone and you start talking to them, you are not engaging them in any way. No! You essentially wait till someone informs you, and then you send them a message, followed by another one after 24 hours.

As a result, the client is in command of the situation. They do not believe that they are being exploited in any way. They do not perceive you as an intruder in their personal area. You then structure the conversation so that it is centered on their requirements, and you have created a perfect sales opportunity for yourself.

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6: The open rate for Facebook Messenger is 80 percent.

Consider this: an opening rate of 80 percent. When compared to email, which has a significantly lower open rate, and search engine traffic, which has a much lower click rate, this is a significant improvement. There isn’t a single comparison. Incredibly enough, considering the high volume of instant messenger traffic, it can produce far better outcomes when compared to email.

Email is already consuming a significant portion of search engine traffic year after year. Depending on how well you configure your Facebook Messenger conversation bot into activities, your conversion rate may potentially outperform that of email conversions.

7: Facebook Messenger is the ability to establish automated conversations that you can customize.

The benefit of having chats with your clients on Facebook Messenger is that you can build up a database of information about them. There are specific words that keep popping up again and again, and you can use this information to fine-tune the replies that you give out right away.

Because it is unable to anticipate all inquiries, your chatbot will most likely be a little clunky in the beginning stages of its operation. However, if you begin to recognize patterns and connect the dots, you will be able to write better scripts, which will result in happier consumers. Eventually, utilizing big data analysis, you will be able to automate all of this.

8: Responsiveness helps you establish a strong internet presence.

Make no doubt about it. Making money on the internet is a difficult endeavor, and making money on the internet is no exception. There are other rivals out there, and they’re doing all kinds of things and saying all kinds of things to establish a strong brand name for themselves.

However, at the end of the day, if they take an eternity to respond to enquiries and you are able to provide prospects with the information they require, your brand will come out on top. Although this initial encounter may not result in a sale, you will have established yourself as somebody more credible and more helpful, and you can be confident that this will position you for future sales opportunities.

You may find yourself with a competitive advantage, and you may be able to pull ahead of your opponents.

9: You may use Facebook Messenger to distribute stuff that has the potential to go viral.

Please keep in mind that you can utilize Facebook Messenger chatbots for a variety of purposes, not just to respond to specific inquiries that your prospects may have. They can contact you using your messaging service, and you can email them an article or a blog post that you have written. This can be used as a source of resources.

They might enjoy it so much that they decide to post it on their Facebook wall. This is basically a type of guerrilla marketing or a back door way to get free Facebook traffic on a limited budget. The more the number of times they share your material, the greater the likelihood that it will go viral.

10. Your competitors have not fully embraced Facebook Messenger as a communication tool.

Chatbots for Facebook Messenger are a relatively recent feature on the platform.

Facebook has only recently opened up their platform to the public, with the announcement coming only two years ago. At the moment, this is uncharted area. It hasn’t reached saturation yet. However, guess what? The number of competitions is increasing.

As of right now, there are more than 300,000 chatbots. Expect that number to rise into the millions of dollars sooner rather than later, if not already. Given the enormous number of individuals that use Facebook, this is a wonderful opportunity to reach them. Take advantage of this opportunity.